Monday, October 17, 2016

Santa Clause Costumes

I had to replace my old worn out Santa Costume with this one, and boy I couldn't be more happier. I went on the cheap side with the prior one I bought at half the price, but I couldn't fit into it, even in just my long johns, and a pair of pants for when I went outside with it.
I learned my lesson, and bought this one that fits me great, and I am on the slightly plump side and tall. Santa Clause Costumes can't be tight, they have to be comfortable, and able to wear someone thing underneath where a person isn't so uncomfortable. Especially if you go outside at Christmas time.
Last Christmas it was very windy here, and cold.VERY COLD.I couldn't run gifts to houses due to the weather, and blame it on my costume that was suppose to fit me, did not. Thus I couldn't put on warm cloths underneath.
Make sure you buy one that's a large size. XL Ample room incase you use it outdoors.
Inside use you want ample room also. So dress lighter and the costume breaths better, and Santa Clause is suppose to be plump, so play the part.
Even the Santa's that you see out at departments stores use this one. A person can get their use out of it because it's a pretty good durable suit. I love the fabric also. I'm hoping mine will be the last one I buy. I only where it once a year, for a couple days, clean it, put it away for next year.
I'll be posting other Santa Suits here up until Christmas. Some may be cheaper, or more expensive. It really comes down to if a person wants a cheap disposable suit, or one that will last for many a Christmas to come. A person can get away with that with other costumes going on the cheap side, but with a Santa costume it's different. You know you'll use it again next year.